Newman - Roller Mesh

high strength roller Mesh

Newman, Roller Mesh has been in continuous production use for printing high-volume to low-volume for the past 20 Years all over the world. The engineering continues to evolve and improve.

The Newman Roller Mesh Snap Panel is the ultimate combination of Mesh and Stretching Technology and has Dramatically Evolved and developed into:

  • Super High-Strength & High-Durability Filaments.
  • 25% to 50% Stronger than Most Other Brands.
  • Mesh last much longer, more durable, and can withstand more abuse.
  • Large Percentage of Open Area.
  • Thin Thread Diameters.
  • High Quality and Consistency.
  • NRMesh Prints at Any Newton Tension Level: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra-High Newtons.



  • Dramatically Faster Print Stroke.
  • Less Squeegee Drag.
  • Less Squeegee Pressure.
  • Reduced Physical Exertion.
  • Reduced Potential Injury to Wrists and Forearms.
  • Helps Prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.


  • Faster Press Set-Ups
  • Tighter Registration. (Dot On Dot)
  • Much Faster Printing Speeds (> 1,000 prints / hour.)
  • High Ink Velocity Results in Complete Ink Discharge and Transfer.
  • Little or No Ink Build-Up on Back of Screens.
  • Sustained Constant Tension means No Press Tweaking and Adjusting during the run.Set It and Forget It.
  • Low squeegee pressure Squeegees stay sharp, last longer.
  • Thinner, Smoother Ink Deposit.
  • Faster Flashing with Less Heat Saves Time & $$$$.
  • Super smooth even emulsion coating results in maximum image definition.
Mesh Count CM % Open Area Max. Tension
Weave Color
N40 16/cm 64 60 PW Wht
N58 24/cm 47 75 PW Wht
N88 34/cm 48 80 PW Wht
N102 43/cm 55 48 PW Yel
N115 45/cm 42 75 PW Yel
N128 50/cm 47 65 PW Yel
N166 65/cm 39 63 PW Yel
N205 81/cm 38 62 PW Yel
N272 107/cm 37 52 PW Yel
N300 118/cm 32 43 PW Yel
N380 150/cm 33 34 PW Yel
N380 150/cm 34 28 PW Yel

NOTE: For mesh brands other than Newman Roller Mesh®, please consult the mesh manufacturer for recommended mesh tension levels.