Newman - Tension Meter

high duty shock-proof screen tension meter

Before you buy a screen tension meter, we think you should know what makes the Newman ST1E Meter special.

The Newman ST1E Meter is the only meter in the world with all stainless steel hardened gears, shock-proof industrial grade internal gear movement and all jewel sapphire bearings, giving you a screen tension meter of exceptional quality that will last longer and produce consistent readings every time. (All other mechanical meters have non-compound softer brass gears and bushing, greatly reducing their shock-resistance, long-term accuracy and life.) The crystal is shatterproof and curved to avoid glare and the heavy-duty protective aluminum housing makes for the most durable meter made anywhere

Each Newman ST Tension Meter has been calibrated with weights and instruments that are traceable to the United States Department of Commerce and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The only bi-directional screen tension meter manufactured in the United States.

  • ST-Meter 1E
  • ST-Meter 2E
Newman ST-Meter Comparison Model ST1E Model ST2E
Eight sapphire jewel bearings Yes No
Six compound hardened stainless steel gears Yes No(3 brass)
Shock-proof unitized internal gear movement Yes Yes
Direct Reading in NEWTONS/cm +-1% accuracy Yes No(+-2%)
Available in kilograms/meter Yes Yes
Shatterproof crystal Yes Yes
Heavy-duty protective aluminum housing Yes Yes

NOTE: For mesh brands other than Newman Roller Mesh®, please consult the mesh manufacturer for recommended mesh tension levels.

Newman - Roller Mesh

high strength roller Mesh

Newman, Roller Mesh has been in continuous production use for printing high-volume to low-volume for the past 20 Years all over the world. The engineering continues to evolve and improve.

The Newman Roller Mesh Snap Panel is the ultimate combination of Mesh and Stretching Technology and has Dramatically Evolved and developed into:

  • Super High-Strength & High-Durability Filaments.
  • 25% to 50% Stronger than Most Other Brands.
  • Mesh last much longer, more durable, and can withstand more abuse.
  • Large Percentage of Open Area.
  • Thin Thread Diameters.
  • High Quality and Consistency.
  • NRMesh Prints at Any Newton Tension Level: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra-High Newtons.



  • Dramatically Faster Print Stroke.
  • Less Squeegee Drag.
  • Less Squeegee Pressure.
  • Reduced Physical Exertion.
  • Reduced Potential Injury to Wrists and Forearms.
  • Helps Prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.


  • Faster Press Set-Ups
  • Tighter Registration. (Dot On Dot)
  • Much Faster Printing Speeds (> 1,000 prints / hour.)
  • High Ink Velocity Results in Complete Ink Discharge and Transfer.
  • Little or No Ink Build-Up on Back of Screens.
  • Sustained Constant Tension means No Press Tweaking and Adjusting during the run.Set It and Forget It.
  • Low squeegee pressure Squeegees stay sharp, last longer.
  • Thinner, Smoother Ink Deposit.
  • Faster Flashing with Less Heat Saves Time & $$$$.
  • Super smooth even emulsion coating results in maximum image definition.
Mesh Count CM % Open Area Max. Tension
Weave Color
N40 16/cm 64 60 PW Wht
N58 24/cm 47 75 PW Wht
N88 34/cm 48 80 PW Wht
N102 43/cm 55 48 PW Yel
N115 45/cm 42 75 PW Yel
N128 50/cm 47 65 PW Yel
N166 65/cm 39 63 PW Yel
N205 81/cm 38 62 PW Yel
N272 107/cm 37 52 PW Yel
N300 118/cm 32 43 PW Yel
N380 150/cm 33 34 PW Yel
N380 150/cm 34 28 PW Yel

NOTE: For mesh brands other than Newman Roller Mesh®, please consult the mesh manufacturer for recommended mesh tension levels.

Newman - Roller Frame

high tension automatic textile frames

Newman manual and standard size automatic textile frames are engineered to print at high tensions. Newman Roller Frame users have reported a 30% increase in production printing with high tension.

In the process of screen printing, the best printing equipment in the world can do no better than the screen it holds. A good frame must be stable enough to maintain its squareness and flatness under the force of the highest mesh tension. Even if a frame is stable and does not change, however, the mesh does. The fibers of the best mesh begin to relax soon after the force of the squeegee is applied. The Newman Roller Frame® meets the rigidity and stability requirements. The Newman Roller Frame® then goes further, actually strengthening the characteristics of the mesh with each retensioning between print runs, and after reclaiming. Additional sizes, kits, packages, tools and tool kits are available

M3-UL Ultra-Light Newman Roller Frames®. Manufactured by Stretch Devices, Inc. Our most popular automatic frame model. Take control of your screen making and screen printing variables. Over 30 years of proven technology.

Newman Roller Frames® provide maximum screen tension which controls ink build-up, dramtically reduces set-up times, and lowers reject rates. Tension loss after printing is easily controlled. Quickly (30-60 secs.) rotate only one roller to retension and restore your mesh to it's original tension (Newtons) level; increasing your fabric life and gaining control of printing variables. No need to store frames. Reduce your frames on hand, increase valuable shop space, and library only your film and digital file. INVEST YOUR MONEY. Like other capital equipment in your shop, Newman Roller Frames® are a long-term investment engineered to last! In most cases, Newman Roller Frames® can be combined with lease purchases.

M3-UL frame profile: 1 5/8" roller diameter.


MZX-UL™ 18 x 20 inc 3 rollers with 18" square bar
MZX-UL™ 23 x 26 inc 3 rollers with 23" square bar
MZX-UL™ 23 x 28 inc 3 rollers with 23" square bar
MZX-UL™ 23 x 31 inc 4 rollers (no square bar)
  • Frame Packages Available.
  • Custom Frame Sizes Available.
  • Roller Diameter: 1 7/16”; Minimum Roller Size: 12” (302mm); Maximum Roller Size: 31” (787mm)


MODEL M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™ M3-UL™
SIZE 23 x 31 inc 23 x 33 inc 25 x 33 inc 25 x 36 inc 26 x 36 inc 31 x 42 inc 33 x 42 inc 33 x 43 inc
DESCRIPTION All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers All Rollers
  • Frame Packages Available.
  • Custom Frame Sizes Available.
  • Roller Diameter: 1 5/8”; Minimum Roller Size: 16” (406.5mm); Maximum Roller Size: 43” (1092mm)


SIZE 47 x 51 inc 47 x 52 inc
DESCRIPTION All Rollers All Rollers
  • Frame Packages Available..
  • Custom Frame Sizes Available.
  • Roller Diameter: 2 inches; Minimum Roller Size: 15” (381mm); Maximum Roller Size: 62” (1575mm)

Newman - Roller Masters

high tension textile roller master


"Using the Roller Master, you can tension any size Newman Roller Frame in seconds. We love how easy the Roller Master is to learn and operate, and that it produces a flat screen every time.

We're saving substantial time and energy in stretching frames and we have the ability to stretch fabric in all four directions at once. We also get consistent tension from screen to screen by easily pre-determining the air setting."


  • Ensures a flat screen every time
  • Produces 3 times as many screens per hour (or more)
  • Enables rapid mesh stabilization
  • Provides more uniform screen tension
  • Requires less physical effort
  • Simple learning curve
  • 4-way simultaneous stretching
  • Flat and level table surface
  • Rapid mesh tensioning and stabilization
  • Produces 3 times as many screens per hour (or more)
  • More uniform screen tension
  • Less physical effort
  • Less skill needed & simple learning curve
  • Rapid mesh retensioning
  • Expandable for different frame sizes (PB models only)
LX™ MZX™ 18" x 20" ID w/sq bar and MZX™ 23" x 26" OD w/sq bar 31"W x 34"L x 36"H
L2™ *MZX™ 23" x 31" OD or M3™ 23" x 31" OD up to M™3 25" x 33" OD 33"W x 41"L x 36"H
L3™ M3™ 23" x 31" OD up to M3™ 26" x 36" OD 34"W x 44"L x 36"H
L4™ *Stretches all frames listed for Models LX™, L2™ and L3™ 34"W x 44"L x 36"H
L5™ *Custom Table up to 64 inches OD TBD
PB-1™ M3IA™ & M3I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 8' x 11' OD TBD
PB-2™ M6I2A™ Box Beam frames up to 10' x 18' OD TBD
PB-3™ M6I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 13' x 28' OD TBD

* May require additional set of table wrenches or adaptors.

Approximately 100 psi of air hook-up required.

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