Heat Transfer Machine

DCC offers the largest selection of heat transfer equipment, right from the heat transfer machines for small t-shirt businesses to machines used in an established, sportswear industry. The entire range of heat transfer machines by DCC are offered from the brand Monti Antonio from Italy. These machines are used for textiles, furnishing, fashionable apparel, sportswear, promotional apparel, panels, metal, films & many more.. The heat transfer machine comprises of three categories;

PIECE to PIECE: These are the flat presses for printing substrates and fabrics in cut pieces. DCC offers a wide range of conventional hot plate presses for sublimation and transfer printing. Available are individual presses for special applications.

ROLL to ROLL: These are calendars for printing continuous and reel-wound materials. Designed for continuous printing of fashion and furnishing fabrics, non-wovens, and films, these have limited runs of promotional materials, narrow strip fabrics and ribbons.

PIECE to ROLL: These are special calendars capable of operation in both modes, material in cut pieces and in rolls. Used are transfer paper in both sheet format (screen-print, off-set) and roll format (rotary, digital).

Wasatch RIP Software

Wasatch has been involved in the dye sub market for years and we have an in-depth understanding of what makes a RIP successful in this type of production environment.

Wasatch SOFTRIP Software

Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves your time and money while producing excellent quality color. With SoftRIP, you don't need to be an expert to print like one.

No matter how large or complex your production environment, SoftRIP has the tools you need for complete control. With its 16-bit color rendering pipeline, exclusive Precision Stochastic Screens halftone method, direct-to-layout workflow, powerful color management tools, and ability to drive up to four printers simultaneously, SoftRIP makes your workflow really flow.

Tools for Every Level of Expertise: easy-to-use color controls, plug-and-play imaging configurations, and quick setup.

A New Standard in Color Quality: SoftRIP's exclusive Precision Stochastic Screens Halftone Method achieves excellent color reproduction with perfectly smooth gradients.

Make Your Workflow Flow: Wasatch SoftRIP allows you to drive up to four printers simultaneously. SoftRIP can manage any print environment—from one small or large format inkjet printer to a complex production plant with multiple wide format inkjet printing devices.

Save Time and Money: SoftRIP gives you the tools you need to save cost of media over the long haul. SoftRIP pays for itself quickly in saved time and media.

Leverage the Power Across Your Network: SoftRIP's server tools are simple to set up on any PC, Mac, or Unix networked workstations and even easier to use to print using a regular web browser.

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Wasatch SOFTRIP TX Software (Textile)

Developed exclusively for the needs of textile printers, SoftRIP TX is equipped with the tools you need to make your transition to digital printing seamless. With all the functionality of the original SoftRIP print management package, plus specialty features for textile printing, SoftRIP TX provides performance you won't find in any other RIP.

Key Textile Features

  • Specialized re-sampling and half toning eliminates seams between repeats
  • RIP a single pattern and efficiently repeat it during printing
  • Maintain a list of your frequently used spot colors in the Color Database feature
  • Ability to route colors through ICC management or directly to print heads
  • Quickly make adjustments with the easy-to-use repeats tools
  • Innovative features increase design options while reducing processing times
  • Any length can be printed from a small file containing a single repeat

Efficient Repeats: Wasatch SoftRIP TX uses special halftoning and re-sampling algorithms to ensure seamless repeats. SoftRIP TX repeat tools are easy-to-use with innovative features that are needed most with textile printing. Plus, our 16-bit rendering reproduces color with the greatest level of intricacy for high-definition output.

Color Atlas Generator: With the Color Atlas Generator you can quickly create a custom swatch book and match colors accurately.

Color Neighborhood Analyzer: The Color Neighborhood Analyzermakes it easy to create a spot color enabling you to have accurate color when working with difficult media. Specify a target color and this impressive tool creates a targeted 100-patch test pattern centered on your color.

Color Database: The Color Neighborhood Analyzer makes it easy to create a spot color enabling you to have accurate color when working with difficult media. Specify a target color and this impressive tool creates a targeted 100-patch test pattern centered on your color. The Color Database feature enables you to maintain a list of saved and frequently used colors. Having a list of named colors makes it easy to create a spot color replacement

Based on the Power of SoftRIP: With SoftRIP TX, the underlying structure is still SoftRIP, the leading digital graphic arts RIP. With a simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful printing controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent quality color. Whatever your printing goals, SoftRIP has a solution for you.

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Jetcol Sublimation Paper

Sublimation paper ImageSublimation paper Image

Coldenhove Papier presents Digital Transfer Papers, a revolutionary range of papers developed for digital transfer printing - the adaptation of the dye sublimation transfer process to advanced digital printing. Jetcol, the only paper that assures, 97% ink release – that means huge saving to achieve lowest running cost and best quality by transferring maximum ink to get brightest colors on Fabric. Because Jetcol papers increase your performance and offer more quality for lower total costs of use by the unique composition of our patented Jetcol papers differs from regular inkjet paper.

  • High speed Drying time
  • Excellent detail printing
  • Consitent coating and quality control to avoid variation in production.
  • Available in sheets and roll width from 17” to 101”

Jetcol HTR

Jetcol HTR offers a range of unique unsurpassed properties such as a unique colour gamut, top quality contour, fine detail printing and most importantly consistency in quality. Jetcol HTR is available in four grammages and a large number of roll widths.

  • Jetcol HTR 1000: Digital sublimation transfer paper with an ultra light weight and allows 240% ink coverage.Download Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 2000: standard 70gsm base paper offers unsurpassed transfer yield and enables fine detailed printingDownload Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 3000: all-round 95 gsm sublimation transfer paper are easy to handly and excellent performance.Download Brochure
  • Jetcol HTR 4000: For high coverage application to print and transfer very deep colors with a maximum transfer yield.Download Brochure

Jetcol HS

95 g/m2 sublimation paper is for high speed printing and designed to combine an exceptional high transfer yield with high speed absorption & high speed drying. It allows for high speed printing while offering high quality contour, excellent detail printing, superb uniformity and available in wide variety of standard roll widths.

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Jetcol TA

Jetcol TA, an anti-ghosting sublimation transfer paper with a unique thermal adhesive coating. Jetcol TA will adhere to the fabric during transfer, eliminating ghosting and loss of detail; it will increase the quality of end products and reduce waste to an absolute minimum! It will increase the quality of end products and reduce waste to an absolute minimum

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Dye Sublimation Printer

DCC Dye-sublimation printers are designed from the ground up for high fashion, fast fashion and performance apparel printing featuring a robust print mechanism, high-performance print head technology and advanced ink technology. DCC offers printers from brands including Epson & DGI. The dye-sublimation printing process is used to print on polyester or other synthetic fabrics. It is used for applications such as T-shirts, banners, table covers, id cards, sportswear and flags.

For true production efficiency and ease of workflow, a dye-sublimation solution is a must for apparel, personalized gifts, and custom promotional products. No other system delivers the same quality results and ease of ownership like our sublimation printers.

Printing onto fabric and other substances becomes most durable with the dye sublimation process; not forgetting the quality it delivers. In this process, the inks are fused into the fabric and not just sit on top of the fabric. Along with lasting longer, the process gives fabrics a softer touch after printing. Since the color remains strong in outdoor lighting and also after extensive washing, it’s the ideal process for sportswear and school clothing.


J-Teck introduces the newest generation of inks made with cluster technology. These sublimation inkjet printing inks especially designed for Piezo printhead printers.

They are particularly suitable for digital printing on polyester textiles used in sports and outer wear, as well as for a variety of plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of skis, snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs, and other products.

J-Teck's new innovation has altered the ink's molecular structure and reduced its viscosity by over 30% to attain beneficial results.



Key Features:

  • Vibrant and bright colors
  • Very good shelf-life
  • Optimal ink fluidity and printability through piezo-heads
  • Fast drying on substrates dedicated to transfer
  • Very good release on paper and image definition after transfer
  • Very good fastness properties
  • J-Eco Subly Nano print: This is Large Format Sublimation Ink for printing Directly on Fabrics.
  • J-Eco Subly Nano flag: This is Large Format Sublimation Ink for Flag & Banner printing.
  • J-Eco Subli inks with Nano Cluster Technology for printing on Paper and then heat transfer on fabric


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